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Block electronic KESU
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Block electronic KESU

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KESU, KESU-– the multiprocessor systems interfaced to sensors of various types (discrete, analog, frequency) and executive mechanisms (electrohydraulic distributors). For a trator of MTZ-3022 and for MTZ-3522

Have a possibility of flexible control of control algorithms of the following knots and units of a tractor in the manual, automatic and mixed modes:

  • FSSP (forward shaft of selection of power);
  • BSSP (back shaft of selection of power);
  • Sound signal of a tractor;
  • Gidromekhanichksky 6-or 4-staged transmission (3 modes);
  • DFLB (drive of the forward leading bridge);
  • BDBB (blocking of differential of the back bridge);
  • RCP (two-level reducer of a transmission).

On the front panel by means of indicators the following information is displayed:

  • Operating modes of knots and units
  • Number of the included transfer
  • Level of oil of hydromechanical transmission
  • Temperature of oil of hydromechanical transmission
  • Sensor of a contamination of the filter of hydromechanical transmission
  • Sensors of a contamination of filters of hydrohinged system
  • Emergency condition of a bortseta of a tractor

Additional functions:

  • the special sound and light alarm system about emergency conditions of controlled parameters (short circuit, break of chains of executive mechanisms, etc.)
  • adjustable illumination of governing bodies of system at inclusion of marker lights of a tractor

Rated voltage of food:

  • 12 V
  • 24 Century.


Type spare part:Control block
Information is up-to-date: 14.01.2022

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